Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rocco's Vet Appointment

Just to follow up:

Rocco went in on Monday and the vet checked his lymph nodes. They went down from the Friday chemo but not back to normal size. The vet speculated it could be from not enough time (only had been 3.5 days) or that was as effective as it was going to be. We chose this option with a drug called CCNU. It's an oral chemo medication and he took it Monday. He has to go back next Tuesday and we'll see if this drug is working (40-50% success rate). If it does he'll have another 2-3 months. If not treatment will be done for him. He's feeling okay. Today he went on a walk, had some short spells of playing tug and chasing his little brudda and he chewed some bone. I'll post back next Tuesday. Thanks for reading.

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