Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another good week

We completed week 7 of the protocol with another successful chemo session today. I'm happy to see that Rocco seems to bouncing back much better from each successive treatment. The next 2 weeks will be at the specialist here in NJ, then another rest week which will coincide with our drive out to CA. The vet and staff love him there; they said they don't want him to go! We brought Rocco's book today and it was a big hit as usual. 

We had a nice sunny day today and Rocco & Havana spent a lot of time laying outside and enjoying the fresh air. It's funny to watch them bake in the sun until they can't take it and then plop down panting in a shady spot. Of course, once they cool off, it's back to the sun again. Quality of life during the treatment is a top priority to us, so it really means a lot to see Rocco so contented here.

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  1. you're coming out this way? we would love to meet Havana and see you guys.