Thursday, June 4, 2009

Low WBC Count - Chemo postponed

Rocco's last Chemo before we left NJ for California was supposed to be Tuesday. His WBC was 2100 which is too low. Alicia brought him back today at it was even lower 1600. The vet had said that last weeks Chemo was pretty strong and it's not uncommon to skip the next week. I don't think she would have had us come in Friday if she thought the count would be lower though. She said not to be concerned yet and that if it is still low or lower on Monday then to worry. Rocco also threw up something strange today, it looked like a rope toy however we only have one rope toy and I'm looking at it right now. The vets let him play with stuff toys and Alicia told them to watch him if they do because he will swallow plush toys and such. Alicia asked today if they were missing any toys and they said no. Strange. We were going to start the drive to Ca. Monday but will postpone it for Rocco's treatment. I'm not sure if we'll leave the next day or wait a couple days. I'm a little worried to be traveling with him if he is going to be sick from the Chemo. We'll see I guess.

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