Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rocco's 2nd Chemo post poned

I brought Rocco in today for his 2nd round of Chemo. They drew blood first to check his white blood cell count and unfortunately it is 1500 which is too low for the Chemo. They require 2000 minimum and Rocco last check up in March showed his normal level at 10000. The vet said this is common and the second treatment sometimes has to get postponed because the first treatment is so strong. He figured by next Tuesday Rocco's count should be almost normal and he can do the Chemo then. The vet also said that Rocco's lack of wanting to play has to do with the effects of the drugs. The Chemo kills of millions of cancer cells and they have to be metabolized back into the body after they die. Poor Rocco, he is trying to hang in there the best he can. He still loves going to the vet, and he still has a good appetite and still likes to chew bone. The vet said the first couple weeks are usually the worst. I hope so for Rocco's sake, he is a strong and stoic dog and I know he is really bothered by the Chemo just from the subtle signs he gives; not wanting to play, laying in the hall by himself (which he never EVER does) and getting out of bed at night which he never does as well. I ordered some homeopathic medicine called Vetri-DMG which is supposed to boost immune system response. Worst case I'm out 20$ if it doesn't work but I think it's worth a try.

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