Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vet Visit

Alicia pretty much covered everything. Rocco wasn't taking to the chemo well and the diarhhea and blood stool was a direct result of it. It was painful for me to watch him get swabbed for the stool sample because Rocco is very stoic and look on his eyes and his yelping was a true sign of the pain he was in. The vet said this side effects were possible because the chemo attacks fast growing cells. Cancer cells are fast growing but so are the cells in the G.I. Tract. The medicine he was prescribed seemed to work quickly and Rocco wanted to play of all things a couple hours later! He hasn't wanted to play tug in about 5 days so that brought a great smile to my face. This morning he didn't want to play so I was a little disappointed but his stool is better and he was grinding a lot of bone. The prednisone being cut down helped him sleep better and he didn't need to get up to pee for the first time since he began taking it. I can't wait for it to be phased out completely in 3.5 weeks or so.

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