Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday 3/26

Rocco seemed in a little better spirits this morning. He was chewing some bone and played briefly. He is having some issues with the chemo. His stool has been loose which the vet says is expected but today he had diarhea and Alicia said later she saw some blood in his stool. We'll be calling the vet in the morning. The other issue I think that is a problem is his rib cage seems to be puffed out. I don't know if this is from the changing of his food/diet. He is more gaseous and I wonder if that is all gas. I'll ask the vet what he thinks. I really don't like what the prednisone and the chemo have done to him. He is definitely not comfortable but he is hanging in there. He enjoys going on his walks and has a voracious appetite still. He still does his training and chews some bone. The vet said all his symptoms will go away once the prednisone/chemo is phased out. So I guess having him go through a rough few weeks will be worth it if he can get a year of being his healthy, happy usual self. His sister Havana doesn't know why Rocco doesn't want to play anymore. Well, that's all for now.....

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  1. Hi Kevin & Alicia,

    So sorry to hear about Rocco's troubles. Our dog had cancer last year too. Unfortunately our dog was much older and had other health problems so we decided not to treat. Rocco has his youth going for him. Hang in there!

    Our dog was on prednisone as well, so I totally hear ya on the extra thirst & hunger, which brings with it extra "output".

    Stay strong,