Monday, April 20, 2009

Better Days for Rocco

Only good news to report since Rocco's last treatment. His prednisone dosage went to one pill every other day and he seems to have responded well to the last drug treatment. He is yawning more like he used to and we are having some serious games of tug and he even started pestering his sister again! That is really good to see. I know the vet said the first couple of weeks were going to be hardest on Rocco and seeing him go through what he did really bummed me out. Now I can see it was worth it. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself because the chemo is different drugs on different weeks and he may still have bad reactions to certain ones but it's nice to see my boy acting like his old self. I'm eager to have him weighed tomorrow for his next treatment. He is still underweight but has put on maybe 2 lbs from just eyeing him.

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