Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vet Visit 4/14/09

Rocco was due for Chemo today. His white blood cell count was "borderline" according to the vet and he wanted to due a full physical before proceeding. Unfortunately he had to do surgery on a cat for a while so Rocco didn't get his physical until 2pm and was cleared for Chemo then. After a 2 hour hold we could pick him up and did so. He is still on the antibiotic and we have the medicine for his GI tract if he has issues again. Unfortunately he is still 53.5lbs and we couldn't get any weight on him. With his throwing up and diarrhea we had to hold off on the extra feeds/fatty foods and so he is still underweight. His prednisone goes down to one pill every other day now. So tomorrow is his first day without it. He has to be weaned off it because he is dependent on it from the high/frequent use of it with chemo. I'm hoping this is the turning point for him. We actually brought and left Rocco's book in the lobby of the vets office so people can see his story and hopefully be inspired to adopt shelter dogs and maybe even bully breeds that are frequently discriminated against.

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