Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, the 5th

Well, Rocco has been playing since Friday. Tug at least, he doesn't wrestle with his sister but that may be because that type of movement is uncomfortable to him. The tug is pretty straight foward and back/forth. That first Chemo treatment is wearing off him and he's getting stronger, at least strong enough so that they can give him the next round of drugs on Tuesday. He is still on the prednisone but all his antibiotics are finished for now, he may get more Tuesday. He looks a little underweight. I'm trying to give him extra feeds and treats to get it up. We'll see how much he weighs at the vet visit. He is yawing more too!! Although I figure some of this progress to regress when he goes back for Chemo but I hope the side effects aren't as severe as this first week was. Will update again after his vet visit.

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