Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Chemo Treament

Rocco had a 5000 count for his white blood cells which meant Chemo was a go today. This was his best count in over 3 weeks although he skipped last week just so he could recover. Today was his last dose of the powerful prednisone steriod, he was been weaned off it for now. Next week is actually a scheduled break in Rocco's treatment. My only concern is the vet said the Chemo treatment from today can cause GI Tract problems. I'm worried that this will happen because Rocco had severe GI problems from the first round of Chemo. This is Rocco's first time taking this particular drug though and hopefully things won't be as bad as the first time. I brought his nylabone with him to the vet so he could chew it while there. He had to spend 9am-2pm so I hoped that would kill some time/stress for him. They said he chewed it a lot, I wish I had brought it on previous visits. For the future I will. Oh, and Rocco is 58lbs and almost back to his normal weight. This is good news although the muscle/fat ratio is different and hopefully we can get him back in tip/top shape when this is all said and done! Here's hoping to no GI problems for the week!