Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rocco's 2nd Chemo Appt.

Rocco was able to do his 2nd Chemo yesterday. That is the good news. The couple of issues he has now is his weight is down to 53lbs. We are giving him extra feeds and the vet said sometimes cancer just does that. We are working out a way to get him more calories without carbohydrates added to get his weight up. He has a voracious appetite. I started with some drumsticks I slow cooked yesterday and then pulled the meat off the bone and cut it up with scissors. So hopefully this dark meat/skin will give him some extra calories as opposed to the skinless chicken breast I was giving him. Also, his white blood cell count was only 4,000. I was good enough to do Chemo but the vet is a little concerned about that as his normal level is 10,000 and he thought it would be close to that for Chemo. (Last time he couldn't do the Chemo because it was 1500). For this I bought Vetri-DMG upon recommendation from my Mom. It's a supplement for animals that is supposed to boost the immune system. Figure it is worth a shot, he started taking it last night. He is also taking a diuretic because the 2nd round of Chemo requires lots of drinking and peeing to flush the system. Anyway, he didn't play this morning but he had played for the previous week. I think he'll recover from this treatment quicker than the last.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I think about you guys a lot going through this, and I hope everything goes smoothly as possible.